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April 2014
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So I learned from my friend that coconut water can be used as an emergency blood transfusion, and of course my first thought was “So, can a vampire drink coconut water?”

and of course we had this idea of these tropical vampires being horrified when these old world vampires come and are still drinking blood like some sort of monster.

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April 2014

abagofbooks asked


Thank youuuuu!

April 2014

mynameismeghannn asked



April 2014

teacups-and-dustjackets asked

Happy Birthday~ Hope you have a lovely day

Thank you bby!!

April 2014

drownmeindaisies asked

hello! Happy Birthday! i hope you have a lovely one :)

Thank you! 😊

April 2014

Anonymous asked

I hope it's your birthday now, because Happy Birthday.

Haha yes it is thank you!

April 2014

Azure: A Short Story (Pt. I)

Sooo I started writing a story and it’s kinda rushed so it’s a little sucky but ehhhh

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April 2014
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April 2014

bookshelfadventures asked

2, 5 :)

2: Talk about your first kiss.

  • I was in kindergarten right, so I was like 4 or 5 and I was walking home from school with this other little boy who was in my kindergarten class and we were holding hands and then a little ways before my house he asked to kiss me and my 5 year old self said yes and he held my face and gave me the cutest smooch ever but if that doesn’t count then it would be during a truth and dare game when I was in 3rd form

5:Talk about the best birthday you’ve had.

  • It’s a tie between my 15th & 18th because for my 15th I got dolled up and went to the movies with my best friends the night before, so I was with them when the clock struck 12 and then the next afternoon I went to the beach and then on the park with them and we was just chillin and everything was kosher y’know? And then for my 18th I got dolled up and really cute and went to school but I skipped all my classes to chill with my crush and he gave me a kiss so :3

Thank you for asking! :)))

April 2014
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  •  I know most people who follow me are only here for the art but if anyone's curious, here we go. o/
  • 1: Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.
  • 2: Talk about your first kiss.
  • 3: Talk about the person you've had the most intense romantic feelings for.
  • 4: Talk about the thing you regret most so far.
  • 5: Talk about the best birthday you've had.
  • 6: Talk about the worst birthday you've had.
  • 7: Talk about your biggest insecurity.
  • 8: Talk about the thing you are most proud of.
  • 9: Talk about little things on your body that you like the most.
  • 10: Talk about the biggest fight you've ever had.
  • 11: Talk about the best dream you've ever had.
  • 12: Talk about the worst dream you've ever had.
  • 13: Talk about the first time you had sex/how you imagine your first time.
  • 14: Talk about a vacation.
  • 15: Talk about the time you were most content in life.
  • 16: Talk about the best party you've ever been to.
  • 17: Talk about someone you want to be friends with.
  • 18: Talk about something that happened in elementary school.
  • 19: Talk about something that happened in middle school.
  • 20: Talk about something that happened in high school.
  • 21: Talk about a time you had to turn someone down.
  • 22: Talk about your worst fear.
  • 23: Talk about a time someone turned you down.
  • 24: Talk about something someone told you that meant a lot.
  • 25: Talk about an ex-best friend.
  • 26: Talk about things you do when you're sick.
  • 27: Talk about your favorite part of someone else's body.
  • 28: Talk about your fetishes.
  • 29: Talk about what turns you on.
  • 30: Talk about what turns you off.
  • 31: Talk about what you think death is like.
  • 32: Talk about a place you remember from your childhood.
  • 33: Talk about what you do when you are sad.
  • 34: Talk about the worst physical pain you've endured.
  • 35: Talk about things you wish you could stop doing.
  • 36: Talk about your guilty pleasures.
  • 37: Talk about someone you thought you were in love with.
  • 38: Talk about songs that remind you of certain people.
  • 39: Talk about things you wish you'd known earlier.
  • 40: Talk about the end of something in your life.